DAY 78: TAROT – WEEK 07.08…

DAY 78: TAROT – WEEK 07.08…

A three card reading for the week ahead:

Success. This card involves creative fulfilment, projects and relationships surrounding these endeavours. It calls on the energy of the creative muses (music, art, theatre) and signifies that if you are involved in, or pursue, any of these things – then progress is being made and you have found something that lets you express your feelings, fill creative needs, and will bring happiness and fulfilment.

An older man, who will be of assistance and guidance, and it would be wise to listen to him. He may be in the past or immediate future, if not here at present. If you don’t think that this card relates to a specific individual then the card signifies intuition, correct use of feelings and judgement, and fair play.

Pause. You are feeling unhappy and / or unfulfilled at present. A case of the blues may be obscuring the positives and excitement at present, and bringing cloudiness and uncertainty. It’s a time to look inwards and check that your own negativity isn't feeling this and check your outlook, as the answers may lie within, and you may be the only one holding you back and obscuring your judgement.

Three cards all in the same suit is a very strong message. The cups relate very heavily with emotions, relationships, decisions and feelings. The appearance of all three support my current emotions and state of mind.
Let’d call it the post-holiday-blues (amongst other things).
I also had a repeat of last week’s IV cups. Last week when I drew the card, my blues hadn't set in…but a few days later they did. And now, back at Monday, I’m in it. And that advice to check myself and my own outlook feels very prudent.
One thing I’ve been getting a lot of joy, peace an fulfilment from this past week, as I have been working through mixed emotions, has been my creative projects – music, art, writing. So III Cups is a lovely omen and reassurance that this is the right way to channel my energy.
I think these feelings may linger for a while longer…but if, as ever, I follow my gut, intuition, and put my energy into my creative pursuits, I trust that I'l be just fine.


DAY 71: TAROT – WEEK 31.07…

DAY 71: TAROT – WEEK 31.07…

A three card reading for the week ahead:

Stability. There is a set of circumstances that are based on strength and clarity and have positivity because of an understanding of a structure, organisation and self-discipline. The outcome of any situation is likely to be positive, but even if its not the outcome desired, there is little of importance to be lost or be missing out on. Whats more important is the journey and life experience that’s been gained along the way.

A pause. A possible period of feeling unfulfilled, lack of purpose, clarity or direction. You may be trying to escape reality or more pressing issues going on in life. Cloudiness may be obscuring any feelings of positivity. A time to check oneself for any negativity or ill feelings that are being held onto that may be dragging you down or holding you back.

A successful enterprise. Patience. Solid foundations have been established and earned but you are still working hard at carving out your place, niche and full potential. Some problems may arise, but can be easily and confidently overcome if you keep calm and stress free about the situation, and keep mentally alert. There is strength in creative endeavours and courage and initiative will be rewarded. But you must be patient. It will come, but maybe not right now.

I think this spread perfectly sums up my typical feelings and emotions of the post-travel come down and blues. I know that I’m tired, jet lagged and feeling a bit flat, hazy and directionless as I re-enter my normal life again. I have loads of ideas and excitement for projects and endeavours brewing in my head, but am still finding a way, and thinking about, how to implement them, which is frustrating and can stress me out, and make me worry I’ve lost my creative enthusiasm. These cards tell me to hold my nerve – that i’m on the right path, and to just stay calm, level headed and be patient. The clarity and spark that I want will come, but its early days. Don’t push it, I need to rest and just find my feet again. The fact I’ve no Major Arcadia cards here tell me that there’s nothing too massive or troublesome, going on here, and these are fleeting times and emotions. Just par of the course and a predictable and expected pattern of feelings, ones that I experience after any overseas adventure. Hold tight, the good stuff will come.

DAY 50: TAROT – WEEK 10.07…

DAY 50: TAROT – WEEK 10.07…



Freedom. A journey and period of happiness, exploration, joy and a time of being oblivious to cares and responsibilities of life and what lies ahead. A time to step into the unknown and enter a future without concern or any sense of practicality. Courage, kindness, love and beauty are all present and being carried with you along on the way. The future is uncertain, but with such little burden and responsibility to weigh you down, does this even matter right now?


Revelation. You have found your own inner peace, spiritual and enlightenment and are on a journey of personal-growth and development. You have what you need within you and you have learnt how to use these things for your advantage. This is the right strategy and approach as it is the one that will lead to happiness, inner peace and contentment.You carry all of the insight, energy and strength that you need within you. A very positive personal card. 


New enterprises and projects. You are about to embark on an idea, inspiration, or project that will lead to success. Not only in terms of personal, creative, fulfilment but also in a monetary sense. It will take hard work and effort to get to this goal. But the tone of the surrounding cards indicate the level of success that is possible if applied correctly. The chosen path is the correct one. Follow your instinct. 


Hooray! This is about as perfect as my reading this week could have been, and everything I wanted to see. I am about to embark on a journey, not just a physical one of travel, but what also feels very significant, personal journey. I hope to be a period of emotional and creative growth, healing, discovery,  and inspiration. I’m wanting to go away fully open to all that life brings my way, so that I can absorb and come back fully inspired and full of ideas.

The fool captured the freedom I’m feeling as I embark on this trip, free of all responsibility, work, daily routine and worries. I have a blessing to go, say yes to everything, and experience this time to the fullest. 

The Star tells me I’m emotionally and spiritually equipped to get the growth, happiness and enlightenment that I seek. I’ve done the groundwork, been through the struggles, and now I can go and embrace this experience and get the most from it.

And the Ace of Pentacles, well the presence of the other two very positive cards, bodes well for the creativity inspiration that I want to find whilst I’m away. I want to be like a sponge open to culture, and art, music and new experiences. I want this openness to lead me to inspiration and new projects when I return. I don’t know what this will be yet, but the cards support me in this instinct, and tell me I will do well if I apply myself. 

The best cards, indeed. 


DAY 43: TAROT – WEEK 03.07…

DAY 43: TAROT – WEEK 03.07…

A three card reading for the week ahead:


You have, or will receive, good news. Fulfilment, accomplishment and completion of a goal or ambition. Conclusions. If this related to a troublesome situation, it indicates that the outcome will be positive and answers are on the way. 


Harmony in change. Important decisions need to be made in order to overcome or resolve a situation or obstacles. It also indicated, fun, opportunity, travel and an increase in your social life, which bring about their own decisions and choices. You have no shortage of options right now, but take cards in which you choose and remain true to yourself and your beliefs. If you do this, the outcome will positive. 


A Gemini card (my own star sign). Like the Gemini twins this card represents the union and combination of opposites, of two people, to create a harmonious balance. One fills the gaps and shortcomings of the other. Clear communication and greater consciousness is required. 


The only card that really makes any clear sense this week is the Pentacles as I know that a period of travel, exploration and opportunity for growth is impending. That one is clear. 

The other two aren’t. I’m not waiting on any news, and I’m not in any form of romantic entanglement or partnership. Although the wands might relate to a large project at work that is reaching a milestone this week. 

As for the Lovers, well that’s Gemini, my own sign, so perhaps, I feel, represents the two distinct personalities that lie within me. My relationship with myself. A period of fulfilment and inner peace, if we’re relating back to the other two cards. 

The other funny thing about the two ambiguous cards, is that they both ‘jumped’ out at me whilst I was shuffling. There’s a superstition in tarot, that if, whilst you’re shuffling the deck, focussing on your query, a card slips out or falls, it’s trying to tell you something, and charged with energy, so should be included in the reading. And both of these did just that. So they do mean something important, and I’m wondering if it’s all tied into this journey and self-discovery. 

They are very positive cards, for which I am very thankful.

Who knows, perhaps in a week, all will have become clear?!

Or… maybe I am about to be whimsically, amazingly, swoonily, passionately, swept off my feet?!!?




They say that you should never buy your own set of tarot cards, that they should always be gifted to you. 

Well, if that’s the first rule of tarot, then I broke it right away. 

I was fifteen and had spent a good 6 months circling Scorpio Books, in our old-CBD, hesitantly peering into their mysterious, intimidating, tall and very locked, glass display case, which housed their collection of tarot decks and other spiritual curiosities. Never being able to summon the courage to ask for it to be opened for me.

Instead, I’d been borrowing library books on the tarot. Substitutingthe real thing for nights and weekends spent researching the protocols and rituals that surrounded this very grown up and, what felt taboo, subject. Just like anything that’s slightly out-of-reach, which a studious and well-behaved teenager aspires to – love, sex, booze, drugs, and edgy fashion – when you can’t have it, you read about, and study it in every detail that you can, until life finally passes it your way.

Eventually I decided that I was ready for my own tarot deck, and once I’d decided, well I was 100% READY. It was now or never and this was something I couldn’t delay any longer. I couldn’t wait for a birthday or Christmas to be gifted them (not that I’d ever have the courage to ask my parents for some, though I’m sure they would have happily obliged). See, somehow it felt almost as if the rest of my adolescence depended on it – how could I meet boys, finish school, get drunk, learn to drive, or wear red lipstick, unless I had my cards to steer me in the right direction towards them?

So one Saturday morning I put on my coolest, most empowering, outfit (army coat, secondhand kilt that I hacked the bottom six inches off, and studded with safety pins, striped knee high socks, Velvet Underground satchel, black eyeliner), got the bus into town, strode into the bookshop and got up the guts to ask what felt like the biggest, most grown-up question, I’d ever uttered:

“Can I please look inside the glass cabinet?”

I don’t know what I was expecting the staff to do? Would they ID me? Did they think I’d shoplift the cards? Would they lecture me on the dangers of dabbling in the mystic arts? Had I not seen The Craft? What was next, love spells and fire rituals (well, actually it was…)?

I stuttered and I blushed. But they let me in. And once I was in, I knew exactly what I needed. I grabbed my deck, that I’d researched for so long (Rider-Waite, never anything else), and abandoned the cabinet, before they could change their mind and tell me to hand them back. 

Two minutes later I emerged from the shop, triumphant and floating with pride, feeling like a critical milestone in my journey to adulthood had just been reached. I had my cards with me like a talisman of my destiny – my very own tarot deck wrapped in a crisp, brown, paper bag, which I hid inside my oversized coat like smuggled contraband. 

These still are, and always be my cards. 

Although I wasn’t gifted them, like they say you should, I feel that the journey behind their acquisition embodies so much spirit and emotion that, in the end, it doesn’t really matter. That slightly anxious, curious, optimistic, teenage girl, with just a hint of rebellion about her, lives on within them.

And that’s why sometimes we have to put textbook traditions and rituals aside in life, and just create our own. 

After all, my cards have always looked after me. And that counts for everything. 


DAY 37: TAROT – WEEK 26.06…

DAY 37: TAROT – WEEK 26.06…



Valor. You are determined to succeed in your goals and endeavours. Progress and success is as a result of your own determination and conviction as a result of a process having been followed and personal understanding achieved. Stick with it and state true to these foundations and achievements to date.


Disintegration. This card represents the break up and ending of a relationship. Although you have experienced pain, separation and loss you’re starting to truly realise that it was for the best. Clarity of mind and perspective is being achieved and this new found point of view must be kept in mind. The outcome is best for everyone, their well being and lives. Once peace and full acceptance has a been found, a new, and more positive situation will arise and make itself known. 


Relating. This card signifies a commitment, relationship or great friendship. You are ready to enrich and make your life better through bringing together cooperation and harmony in your environment. You will be able to make all elements work harmoniously. Emotional support will be available, in abundance, as and when required. 


Unlike the last couple of weeks which have been very positive readings, but the meanings and situations unknown and ambiguous to me – this week is very clear cut and on the nose. 

I know exactly what III Swords is referring to, it’s something that’s been on my mind and I’ve been fighting against this past few days as fresh, sometimes painful, emotions and frustrations brew. It very obviously reflects my feelings – new found anger, clarity, and yeah, perspective. This rawness and these things that are bothering me – they’ve been hard, and upsetting, but this card reassures me that it’s an important step in the healing process and I just have to move and grow through it. 

The Empress is friendship with strong women. I’ve been so incredibly blessed to have been surrounded by many independent, smart, beautiful, empowering women this week, who I’m so utterly grateful for. They are inspiring and nurturing me in ways I could never have imagined. I feel so lucky and supported, and know this card represents them.

And VII Wands – I’m busy, and feel like I have a lot on the go right now. A lot of projects, ideas and dreams growing. But I’m on the right track. I just need to stick with my goals, and stay true to myself and my journey so far. Be bold, be stubborn, be heard.

These cards are such a scarily true representation of how I’m feeling as I enter this week. An example of rather than ‘fortune telling’ the cards serve to solidify and bring clarity to exisiting emotions, situation and thoughts that have been lurking in my head and my heart but I couldn’t vocalise until I saw them.  Yeah!