I spent many years winging my way though tying headscarves, attempting to create that classic retro, Rosie the Riveter, vibe. However since I lacked any proper technique or knowledge on the process, it’d always result in an iffy outcome with poor longevity.

So I decided a few weeks ago to sit down and learn this skill properly.

Thanks to the miracle of YouTube, and with a couple of spare hours on my hands, I taught myself a number of tricks and methods for transforming a square scarf into something usable, stylish and infinitely better than my previous method of just ‘kinda wrapping the scarf around my head in random fashion and hoping for the best’. Like many things in life, it’s not that hard, you just need to know the basics.

I posted a few selfies showcasing the look on Twitter and Instagram and several people reached out to ask for tips and links to the tutorials that I used, which I happily provided. However the frustration that I had was that, whilst learning, I referred to about five different videos to get my technique sorted, and none of them really worded, or demonstrated, it quite how I would have liked.

So since this is 2018 – my year of Brave New Frontiers – I got to thinking: ‘Why can’t I just make my own video?’.

So…I did!

The idea of doing this was a tad daunting. Despite spending endless hours watching YouTube reviews and tutorials, I’d never really stopped to consider how one goes about actually making (and posting) one. However I followed though and, with a little help from Google, was pleasantly surprised. The process was really fun and what pleased me the most was that I felt like I learnt SO MUCH in just a few hours. Like any new endeavor, I’ve a long way to go. But still, it’s a start, and often just starting is the hardest thing of all.

Putting a video out into the world still makes me feel a bit vulnerable. It’s like knocking though a extra barrier of intimacy between you and I, and that doing this goes a number of steps beyond simply posting a photo – which feels very safe and controllable in comparison. But I reckon I’ll get over that once I’ve done a few.

This new medium feels…important. Important to me. For my own journey of growth.

See, if we’re going to practice self-acceptance and body-positivity, we should aim to become comfortable with all of ourselves, just as we are. That’s far, far, easier said than done, but I’m a huge believer that putting ourselves outside of our comfort-zones is the best way to grow and evolve. Since video is the most eye-opening, stark, confrontation of how we look (and sound), let’s consider this my next step in #BodyPeace2018.

So here it is, my first ever foray into the video form, showing you how to tie the perfect headscarf. Plus a lot of babbling. Wow. I really can talk. Now I can understand why The Dog gets so sick of me at home.


P.S. In my video I mention the amazing, luxury, cat print scarves that we should all aspire to graduate to – here’s that scarf. I mean. Bloody hell. THE SWOON. Karen Mabon, you have my heart.


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