I always dress bright and bold.

9 times out of 10 it’s because I’m feeling like those things.

But sometimes, like today, when that’s been drained out of you, and you’re feeling a tad clouded and vulnerable, I still think its important to dress for what you want to be. Who you know you really are, and still are, despite these blips, which we all get.

Who do I want to be?

I want to be a fearless Goddess, riding her beautiful white horse into her own self-made journey. She is strong, independent and proud. She has self-respect, high-standards, doesn’t settle for less than what she deserves, and she fights for what is right, good and true. She’s pretty badass and enviable.

I want to be strong.

I want to be that warrior.

So today I wear this NZ Air Force jacket, that I thrifted about a year ago, for $11. It’s become a favourite of mine.

It is oversized, has broad strong shoulders, shiny brass buttons, and it commands respect and attention wherever I go. Actual military jackets do that – they are sharp and tailored, and make an impact, badges and paraphernalia aside – it’s a silhouette that creates drama. Some people do ask me if I’m in the military, which is quite awesome, as I have sewn on a sequinned bow and heart onto the sleeves, so I like their open-mindedness. Perhaps that’s the kind of military attitude this world needs more of. Glitter, not guns, y’all (though we might have more blindness and loss of eyesight due to errant-glitter related injuries?).

When I’m in this jacket it doesn’t matter that my insides feel like drooping melted marshmallow, because people only see what they want to see. And today they only see the jacket.

(Oh, and I am also hiding behind my hair, that helps too)

Because often, if you do play dress-up, you can mould yourself into what it is you want to be. Okay, maybe not an astronaut, or Queen Victoria, but attitude-wise, sure you can!

And if you can’t quite do that, there’s always tomorrow, and things always feel better tomorrow! Everything is temporary.

There’s that saying, fake it til you make it.

But I like to say something more like – when you cant be the strength, wear the strength.

P.S. Here’s a cute close-up of my sitting in the botanic gardens at lunchtime, with a tree for a halo, whilst writing this. I’m not a big one for getting out in proper nature. You know, mountains and shingle tracks. But cultivated, stylised nature, in comfortable city confinement’s, I can definitely preach the benefits of if you’re having a droopy marshmallow on the inside kind of day. There’s a lot of joy right outside the door!


JACKET: Ex-Military, Kiwi Disposals

SKIRT: Homemade

BOOTS: Doc Martens


NECKLACE: Pandemonium


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