DAY 99: TAROT 28.08…

DAY 99: TAROT 28.08…

For the length of the project I’ve been doing weekly 3 card spreads for the week ahead.

Today at day 99 my reading is for a general overview of where I am right now, as this project draws to a close, and this period of creative growth, as well as how I am aligned and equipped as I head forward, beyond the 100 days.


Personal power, and the correct use of this inner strength to overcome obstacles and challenges. You possess a great deal of courage and determination and being equipped with this means that you can face opposition and confront barriers as they present themselves. Any situations that are though, have been sent to challenge, and you will overcome them and grow in wisdom, strength and confidence in the process.


Celebration and love. This is a time of celebration and a great deal love and abundance in life. It signifies personal and intimate relationships, so powerful, and happy that they radiate and reflect onto others around you. This might mean romantic love, but also friendships. A very happy and blessed card.


Potentiality. An honourable, helpful, young man in his 20’s or 30’s, who might be an adviser but could be a lover. He is around and ready and waiting to be there when you need and offer assistance. This person is usually well educated, but craves the contrasting qualities that you can offer him. If this does not relate to a specific person then it’s an indication that you are close to your goals and potential, but you need to stick with them and stay determined, but success is close.


Three very clear, very strong, very positive cards. Three cards that I’m really happy with and I feel set me in good stead as I close out this project. They represent who I am now – strong, goal focussed, and surrounded by great and inspiring people and friends.

The cards affirm that I’m on the right path and that I should keep setting goals and sticking with them.

This 100 days has been a period of reflection, hard work, and personal growth and I feel well positioned to maintain this momentum and take these lessons with me.


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