DAY 94: TAROT – WEEK 21.08…

DAY 94: TAROT – WEEK 21.08…

A three card reading for the week ahead…


Prosperity. This card represents a position in life of financial security. If not already there, then it will be imminent. It may not mean wealth, but more comfort. Take a charitable attitude to life and others and prosperity will follow.


Balance. Righteousness. Justice. You will get what you deserve and what has been earned or worked for, which might not be what you think you are entitled to. This card often relates to personal situations and relationships or friendships, and if you have been kind, thoughtful and caring, then this will come back to reward you. It’s very much the card of ‘you reap what you sow in life’. What you put out there comes back to you, which thankfully, is a motto that I live by.


Stability. The card represents comfort and a level of security in life. The Pentacles indicates money, which could mean that a level of financial ease has been achieved, or if things have been tough they are about to get easier. Even better, a financial windfall or bonus may be on the horizon.


The messages here relate to stability and really getting back what you deserve in many aspects of life. And I feel that’s fair.

It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster of emotion over the past month with travel and the usual highs and lows that come with retuning back to normal life. But I do now feel back on the right path and in a better headspace, and finally, after a tight financial month of big bills, able to make some headway on recovering from the financial excess of a trip.

The payback / reap what you sow aspect. Well as I said, it’s a motto I already live by and I always try to be fair, honest and open with people. And I hope that they appreciate this from me. This week is a culmination of a lot of hard work towards an event that several of us have been working really hard on – and I hope that this spread indicates that our hard work, and trust and openness with each other during this time, will pay off and make for a successful event, and for me, most importantly, strengthen our friendships and bonds.

Stability and success is definitely something I can get behind and am happy to see.


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