DAY 92: GOD…

DAY 92: GOD…

I am not religious.
I do not believe in any kind of god, God, pre, or after life.
I am not agnostic.
But I don’t want to be an atheist.
Atheists tend to be dicks.
I’m not into ripping shreds out of other people’s cultures or beliefs.
Why is what I believe more valid than someone else’s belief?
Sure, I have more of a problem with this when it comes to medical care, sexuality, reproductive rights and the livelihoods of children and the vulnerable.
But if we’re talking about the day-to-day absurd monotony of every day life – the birth, the creation, the death – what does it really matter?
The world it here.
We’ve all been born.
We’re all going to die.
And one day the world is going to end.
So, why be an obnoxious, argumentative, asshole about the rest?

I am not religious.
But I am spiritual.
I believe in star signs and the power of the moon and mercury retrogrades.
I believe in the power of the soul and gut feeling. And I think that all related to spirit, something bigger.
I pray when I’m scared, am wishing for change, or strength.
I don’t pray to anyone or anything.
It’s just putting my spirit out there.
Because sometimes the world aligns in such a mind blowing way, in a way you cannot comprehend, so strongly, that I can’t bear to put that marvel down to sheer coincidence.

Because even if you don’t believe in sainthood or miracles.
You can believe in magic.

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