Is there anything better than a crush?

The butterflies, the breathless anticipation of possible meetings, the obsession and the yearning, the imaginary love story that fills your head every night as you drift off to sleep, and how they enter your dreams and you awake beaming and giddy from the temporary reality of it all.

When someone is a crush they are perfect. An idolised and desired figure.

A crush can never let you down, say the wrong thing, make you cry, or muck up dinner plans. You will never argue about the messy house, or accidentally snap at them after a shitty day at work. They never see you at your worst, most vulnerable or unkempt. Their breath never stinks.

When someone, in real life, becomes a crush, they are untouchable.

And whilst, when you have a crush, all you think about is the endless wondering of “Do they like me back?” Or fantasising about your first kiss, first embrace, first time you make love, fuck, when they say “I love you” and the wedding… part of you would be disappointed if it ever came to that.

Because with all of that, the illusion also gets broken, the crush bubble bursts.

And with the reality, also comes the reality of possible hurt, break ups, and heartbreak.

And then when that happens, they are gone.

Whilst relationships and affairs come and go and, though they change us, we inevitably end up losing most of these people along with the love.

A crush is immortal. A crush never dies, gets old, or is tainted.

A crush is like Princess Diana. Frozen in time.

And whilst crushes fade, and get replaced with new ones, I bet you can still recall your first major crush and you get a stomach lunge and tingles when you think about them.

There is nothing in life better, more exhilarating, or life affirming, than a crush.

If you don’t have one, I suggest getting one right away.


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