So a couple of days ago I wrote about Baby Driver. I really liked it, but had some gripes.

But since then I’ve been listening to the soundtrack (which I still love because frankly you’d be a monster to not enjoy such a smooth mix of classic funk and soul amongst other gems) a lot, which, in turn, has got me thinking about the film even more.

And it’s bugging me even more. And I have some more points to make, because, well, I’m 86 Days through a 100 day writing project and I’m needing material:

1. The people who fanboy over Edgar Wright are the same people who fanboy over Beck. When I was a teenager some of my first big crushes were on boys who loved Beck. From what social media tells me, 15 years later, they STILL love Beck, bun in addition to that, they obsess over EW now too.

Which puzzled me. Until I realised…

Edgar Wright must be a huge Beck fan too. To the point that there’s a whole scene in Baby Driver dedicated to discussing a single song of Beck’s Midnite Vultures – to be fair – it is a bloody great song, from a bloody tremendous (if not Prince rip off) album. But he himself is one of THEM. And once you unravel that truth bomb, well everything kinda makes sense…

Speaking of the BD character, Debra…

2. A lot of women have been praising this film. It’s not a female friendly flick. There’s just two decent sized female roles in there. One is shown as a slutty criminal who is remembered for fucking Jon Hamm, and then getting killed. And the other is the mentioned Debra, who to all intensive purposes is a manic pixie dream girl, with normal coloured hair, because really she just exists as an escape for Baby and emotional crutch. His obsession with her is not really based on anything in her life, other than her liking music and having a name in common with a Beck song (see point 1). This is a bad film to equal out that ol gender gap.

3. The ending was shitty. I keep thinking about this. And it was crap. SPOILER ALERT. They did not need that happy ending. The happy ending was stupid and unrealistic and to think that Debra would wait five years for a guy she barely knew then drive off into the sunset with him, well it takes away what little character our only credible female role had. How can I respect her now?

You know, Mark Kermode compared Baby Driver to La La Land in that it’s a musical (it’s not) and he ranked BD higher. And it’s not cool to like La La Land, that I also know. But at least La La Land had the guts to give us an honest ending. Not a happy ending. But a kick in the guts “yeah life is shit sometime and you don’t always get the girl” real life ending. Whatever else people have to say about that film, I respect and admire it for the ending.

Baby Drivers ending was the opposite. It chickened out. It gave us what they though the crowd wanted. And fair enough I guess but when the film is too long, to rush and wrap things up in a fleeting montage, in an unconvincing way, well it just feels like an afterthought and cop out.

There. Now I’ll leave this film be.


One thought on “DAY 86: MORE BABY DRIVER…

  1. Not gonna lie, I loved La La Land and thought it was infinitely better than Baby Driver! You’re absolutely right, Baby Driver totally chickened out on the ending, so predictable and unoriginal, feels like you’ve seen it a thousand times before.


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