DAY 85: TAROT – WEEK 14.08…

DAY 85: TAROT – WEEK 14.08…

A Three Card Reading For the Week Ahead:

Success. Creative relationships have reached the point of reward and potential. If this relates to the muses (music, art, theatre) then this is even more poignant. You’ve found something that you love that lets you express yourself, be true and create happiness.

Adventure. A young man, strong of character, who is of help and will lead to exciting paths. Whoever he is, you can trust his character, motives and intentions. Whilst he is young, he’s not as immature as the Page card – which for me signifies that he’s between the age of 30-45.

Wealth. A degree of success has been achieved and reached in a specific present situation. A position has been established, one that was likely desired or hoped for, and a sense of confidence and security can be enjoyed once the specific situation at hand is known. Change for the better is on the horizon…

Well for starters, these cards are ones that all jumped from the deck, whilst I was shuffling, focussing on my query, which I always take to be a very powerful sign.
Also – three of cups is a card I pulled last week. Isn’t it weird and funny how this keeps happening, how out of all these cards, I often get the same one two weeks running, despite spending five minutes shuffling each time.
And the three of cups does feel relevant. I think as this project reaches the last stages, I’ve been feeling full of creative energy. Overwhelmingly so, today I made a list of the creative projects I want to embark on, and I’ve got six – seven if I include writing which I don’t want to give up. Which is far too many for someone who has to go to work each day. So yeah, I don’t know if I know what my one creative relationship, that’s meant for me is – but that momentum and happiness, I feel that, and so it makes sense that it has carried over into this week.
As for the other two cards – they are incredibly exciting and positive. I don’t know the exact situation, but there’s a few in mind, and I’ll just stick to my guns. I can take confidence and security when the outcome is known.
Three really inspiring, light filled, cards!

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