DAY 78: TAROT – WEEK 07.08…

DAY 78: TAROT – WEEK 07.08…

A three card reading for the week ahead:

Success. This card involves creative fulfilment, projects and relationships surrounding these endeavours. It calls on the energy of the creative muses (music, art, theatre) and signifies that if you are involved in, or pursue, any of these things – then progress is being made and you have found something that lets you express your feelings, fill creative needs, and will bring happiness and fulfilment.

An older man, who will be of assistance and guidance, and it would be wise to listen to him. He may be in the past or immediate future, if not here at present. If you don’t think that this card relates to a specific individual then the card signifies intuition, correct use of feelings and judgement, and fair play.

Pause. You are feeling unhappy and / or unfulfilled at present. A case of the blues may be obscuring the positives and excitement at present, and bringing cloudiness and uncertainty. It’s a time to look inwards and check that your own negativity isn't feeling this and check your outlook, as the answers may lie within, and you may be the only one holding you back and obscuring your judgement.

Three cards all in the same suit is a very strong message. The cups relate very heavily with emotions, relationships, decisions and feelings. The appearance of all three support my current emotions and state of mind.
Let’d call it the post-holiday-blues (amongst other things).
I also had a repeat of last week’s IV cups. Last week when I drew the card, my blues hadn't set in…but a few days later they did. And now, back at Monday, I’m in it. And that advice to check myself and my own outlook feels very prudent.
One thing I’ve been getting a lot of joy, peace an fulfilment from this past week, as I have been working through mixed emotions, has been my creative projects – music, art, writing. So III Cups is a lovely omen and reassurance that this is the right way to channel my energy.
I think these feelings may linger for a while longer…but if, as ever, I follow my gut, intuition, and put my energy into my creative pursuits, I trust that I'l be just fine.


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