A pitch about zines…

Zines (as in magazines) are self-published, small-circulation, usually non-profit magazines, comics, books or flyers that can be about absolutely anything.
They deal with topics too niche for mainstream media, presented in an unpolished layout and unusual design.

They are made with a DIY attitude, and have been popular in underground and youth culture for decades. Usually put together by one person, using handwritten text, drawings, collages, and old fashioned methods of printmaking like typewriters or ink stamps. They are then photocopied in small batches, hand folded or stapled and then distributed.

Since the rise of the photocopier, zine-making has been one most popular forms of independent publishing, especially in underground communities and music fandom – especially punk, feminism and the Riot Grrl movement of the early 90’s. But like all art and media, zines can be about anything. They are not about gaining a broad audience or winning popularity; it’s about getting that one thing or message that you’re super passionate about, out there, and knowing that it only has to capture the imagination of one person to have been worthwhile.

As they are self written, published and distributed they are considered the ultimate form of free speech and creativity amongst zine-lovers.

The biggest audience for zines are the 15-25 demographic and students. They attract the nerd, the introvert and the quiet and shy creative or activist… which is what makes them so utterly great!

The world needs more zine makers and zines – and they must be encouraged!

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