DAY 71: TAROT – WEEK 31.07…

DAY 71: TAROT – WEEK 31.07…

A three card reading for the week ahead:

Stability. There is a set of circumstances that are based on strength and clarity and have positivity because of an understanding of a structure, organisation and self-discipline. The outcome of any situation is likely to be positive, but even if its not the outcome desired, there is little of importance to be lost or be missing out on. Whats more important is the journey and life experience that’s been gained along the way.

A pause. A possible period of feeling unfulfilled, lack of purpose, clarity or direction. You may be trying to escape reality or more pressing issues going on in life. Cloudiness may be obscuring any feelings of positivity. A time to check oneself for any negativity or ill feelings that are being held onto that may be dragging you down or holding you back.

A successful enterprise. Patience. Solid foundations have been established and earned but you are still working hard at carving out your place, niche and full potential. Some problems may arise, but can be easily and confidently overcome if you keep calm and stress free about the situation, and keep mentally alert. There is strength in creative endeavours and courage and initiative will be rewarded. But you must be patient. It will come, but maybe not right now.

I think this spread perfectly sums up my typical feelings and emotions of the post-travel come down and blues. I know that I’m tired, jet lagged and feeling a bit flat, hazy and directionless as I re-enter my normal life again. I have loads of ideas and excitement for projects and endeavours brewing in my head, but am still finding a way, and thinking about, how to implement them, which is frustrating and can stress me out, and make me worry I’ve lost my creative enthusiasm. These cards tell me to hold my nerve – that i’m on the right path, and to just stay calm, level headed and be patient. The clarity and spark that I want will come, but its early days. Don’t push it, I need to rest and just find my feet again. The fact I’ve no Major Arcadia cards here tell me that there’s nothing too massive or troublesome, going on here, and these are fleeting times and emotions. Just par of the course and a predictable and expected pattern of feelings, ones that I experience after any overseas adventure. Hold tight, the good stuff will come.

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