Wishes as I embark on this period of travel:

Firstly, I wish to be safe and always make my connections and not lose my passport and credit card. And equally, I wish for my puppy to be very safe and very happy whilst I’m gone. I wish to be open and positive to every experience that comes my way. To not be shy, timid or reluctant when I should just leap and immerse myself in every experience possible. As they say in the Darjeeling Limited, ‘say yes to everything’ (well, you know, within somewhat sensible reason). I hope to learn. To grow. To absorb my surroundings, sights, smells, and experiences like a fluffy, glittery, pink, sponge. I want to return overflowing with ideas and inspiration, bright and alive and with more depth and understanding, insight and compassion that I left with. So many ideas and so much creativity that I fear I may just burst. I want to discover 30 new musicians and 150 new songs. I want to read three books and write 5,000 words. I want to take 500 photos and have one building absolutely steal my heart away and make me swoon so hard that I just have to sit down and catch my breath. I want to take my time and look around me, look up, down, around and find secrets that only my eyes will see. I want to taste things that hug my soul and feel like a home I never knew I had. I want to dance with strangers, dance all night, dance like the music is my pulsing heart and dance so long that my feet are numb and it’s like I’m just floating on air. I want to lie in the heat of the sun, next to the Mississippi and look up at the brewing, ominous, magical, storm clouds, whilst drinking a cold beer and just feel so at peace with who I am and where I’m at and feel so happy and proud of how far I’ve come and be grateful that I’m right here right now in this moment. I want to leave all of my ghosts and fears behind and be at peace with them, set them free, and make myself free of anger and pain, returning with a burden lifted off my shoulders. I want to let it all go. And I want to buy something so fabulous, so ridiculous so extravagant so unique that when I’m 90 I’ll pull it out of my wardrobe and gasp at the beauty and courage of it and flamboyant youth that I possessed. And in that moment I’ll be transported back to this very time, and these very words, like they were yesterday, and it’s like I’m back there and I can smell the air, and hear the music in my heart, and taste that food and I’m back, I’m back, lying on that riverbank again.

Those are my wishes. 


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