Look, I know that in 2017 we’re all supposed to hate on Sex and the City. 

We’re meant to revisit it out of nostalgia and be appalled by the stereotypes. 

We’re meant to think that Carrie is insufferable and selfish. Big is an asshole. And Aiden just not-right-for-her. We should roll our eyes at Samantha’s punnny one-liners. Wish that Miranda came out way back before she ever did in real life. Wince at the often trashy and fad-generating late 90’s and early 00’s fashion. Scream at the utterly impossible economics of it all – of Carrie’s apartment (even if rent controlled), and how literally no one except a millionaire could have her wardrobe and lifestyle, yet somehow she does it as a part time column writer. How it’s unrealistic, dated, corny, sexist, and that’s before we even get onto the films – the second of which we’re still hoping that if we don’t mention it’ll go away…

…but you know what? I’ve been re-watching them for the first time in about 10 years and I still fucking love this series so much. I can’t get enough. I know each episode so well, each one feels like an old friend. 

Perhaps it’s because I’m now watching it from the perspective of being in my 30’s, but it’s more relatable to me now that it ever has been. I’ve had those same arguments as Big and Carrie. I relate to the discussions about children and settling down, and watching your friends do the same. Career ladders and society’s expectations. It’s all still there. 

And the clothes. Oh the clothes. I understand and know more about fashion now than I ever used to and oh how I swoon. And same goes for this most beautiful, wonderful city that really does shine as the fifth main character. 

Yeah it’s all the things that everyone tells you is bad about it – cheesy, unrealistic, dated – but it’s pure escapism, comfort and joy giving.

Which will always make it timeless to me. 


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