DAY 50: TAROT – WEEK 10.07…

DAY 50: TAROT – WEEK 10.07…



Freedom. A journey and period of happiness, exploration, joy and a time of being oblivious to cares and responsibilities of life and what lies ahead. A time to step into the unknown and enter a future without concern or any sense of practicality. Courage, kindness, love and beauty are all present and being carried with you along on the way. The future is uncertain, but with such little burden and responsibility to weigh you down, does this even matter right now?


Revelation. You have found your own inner peace, spiritual and enlightenment and are on a journey of personal-growth and development. You have what you need within you and you have learnt how to use these things for your advantage. This is the right strategy and approach as it is the one that will lead to happiness, inner peace and contentment.You carry all of the insight, energy and strength that you need within you. A very positive personal card. 


New enterprises and projects. You are about to embark on an idea, inspiration, or project that will lead to success. Not only in terms of personal, creative, fulfilment but also in a monetary sense. It will take hard work and effort to get to this goal. But the tone of the surrounding cards indicate the level of success that is possible if applied correctly. The chosen path is the correct one. Follow your instinct. 


Hooray! This is about as perfect as my reading this week could have been, and everything I wanted to see. I am about to embark on a journey, not just a physical one of travel, but what also feels very significant, personal journey. I hope to be a period of emotional and creative growth, healing, discovery,  and inspiration. I’m wanting to go away fully open to all that life brings my way, so that I can absorb and come back fully inspired and full of ideas.

The fool captured the freedom I’m feeling as I embark on this trip, free of all responsibility, work, daily routine and worries. I have a blessing to go, say yes to everything, and experience this time to the fullest. 

The Star tells me I’m emotionally and spiritually equipped to get the growth, happiness and enlightenment that I seek. I’ve done the groundwork, been through the struggles, and now I can go and embrace this experience and get the most from it.

And the Ace of Pentacles, well the presence of the other two very positive cards, bodes well for the creativity inspiration that I want to find whilst I’m away. I want to be like a sponge open to culture, and art, music and new experiences. I want this openness to lead me to inspiration and new projects when I return. I don’t know what this will be yet, but the cards support me in this instinct, and tell me I will do well if I apply myself. 

The best cards, indeed. 


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