DAY 48: WES…

DAY 48: WES…

My personal ranking of all Wes Anderson Films, based on nothing more substantial that my mood and emotional levels at this current moment in time (just like everything else by which we measure things in life):

8. Bottle Rocket

 It’s his first film so I’ll accept that he’s still finding his style but it’s only 15% on the Wes-Whimsy scale and whilst it’s quite sweet, let’s face it – we’re all just here for the twee and 1960’s soundtracks.

7. Moonrise Kingdom

Stylistically, it’s fabulous. But if I’m going to be honest, I find it a bit boring. The romance between the kids is icky. And the dog death upsets me. Jason Schwartzman needs to be in it 300% more.

6. Grand Budapest Hotel

Too flamboyant. To expensive. Too textbook-Wes. It’s just too damn much. It’s like a Disney-fied version of an Anderson film. All his trademark elements are there, but blown up 200x bigger. It’s too perfect, too polished. It lost it’s indie edge. Despite, on paper, reading as his masterpiece.

5. The Life Aquatic

I will very much defend this one, when others slander it. But to be fair, my love for it comes down to five key things 1) Seu Jorge’s genius Bowie Soundtrack 2) Uniforms 3) Stop-motion-fish 4) Jeff Goldblum 5) Jeff Goldblum. But that’s enough to make it a wonderful watch. Did I mention Jeff Goldblum?

4. Fantastic Mr Fox

It makes sense that a visual perfectionist, so set in his style, would make a stop-motion film as it means that every single frame can be controlled and manipulated to precisely his liking. It’s his funniest film, it’s adorable, clever, true to the book and Dahl’s style, heart-warming, and it even has Jarvis Cocker. Jarvis bloody Cocker! How did he know to do that for me?!

3. Rushmore

Rushmore earns it’s place for the opening credits alone, and the montage of clubs that Max is in. I fucking love Jason Schwartzman and wish he was the star of every Wes film. Bill Murray is at his driest, most sarcastic, best. The soundtrack is incredible. And at its heart, it’s a love story, which will always always win me over. 

2. Darjeeling Limited

It’s my most frequently watched of all the Wes films. I love trains. I love India. I love the Kinks. I think that Schwartzman, Wilson and Brady are all incredibly bloody hot and I’d run away with the three of them on a train, to a strange continent, in a heartbeat. And I can’t for the life of me fathom why people always put Darjeeling at the bottom of their lists. In many ways I feel it’s the most cohesive, mainstream and enjoyable of all his films. 

1. The Royal Tenenbaums

Three words: The Perfect Film.

(NOTE: On proof-reading this post, I appreciate that my rankings apprary to be based upon my thirst-appreciation-levels for the bearded, tweed blazer-wearing, cast. And well yeah, it’s true. Wes and I have the same taste in men, it seems and  I won’t apologise for this.)


One thought on “DAY 48: WES…

  1. I love Wes Anderson films so much! In all honesty I don’t think I could rank them – although I’ve not seen Bottle Rocket, Mount Rushmore or Fantastic Mr Fox yet 🙂


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