I wrote in an earlier post about how I love your selfies and selfie culture in general.
And I’ve also dabbled in writing about my history of dieting and not being at peace with my body.

Some day I hope to write about this a lot more, and also about my own journey to my current place of self-acceptance and relative peace and happiness with myself.
But today it dawned on my how important my own personal selfie habits have been for my self-image and body-positive journey.

In the words of Beyoncé and Nicki, I’m feelin’ myself today: It’s Friday. I’m about to go on holiday. And tonight I’m going out for a work dinner and drinks which will be fun. I’m wearing a leopard print rockabilly dress, vintage velvet blazer, and red hair accessory studded with gaudy polystyrene skulls. My cat eye is en-pointe, my lips red, and after a bout of PMS chin acne, my skin is back to it’s usual self.

I’m buzzing, on a high, and feeling fierce.

So I started the day by taking a selfie for my little twitter account (aka. a small, safe, locked account for alternative selfies, talking about boys, and bitching).

Then I took a selfie for my normal Twitter.

Then, another, full body, selfie of my outfit for Instagram.

Three different selfies in three hours (one must keep content varied for my precious audience and brand!). But as I was posting my third, I felt a pang in my gut “Is this too much? Am I being too vain?”

But just as I let the insecurity creep in, I saw a post from one of my most beloved Instagram accounts, that I follow, talking about diets and self acceptance. In her picture she’s posed in black tights, knickers, and a floral crown and she’s looking so fucking amazing. She’s absolutely gorgeous and I learnt, in this post, that she’s the same size as me. Something I’d never even thought about as I’m only ever thinking about my giant crush on her. I was so happy at this photo, and this post made me feel so good. This really lifted me and reiterated about how important selfies are, not only for others, but for our own self-esteem.

By documenting myself and my body, it’s evidence that I’m doing okay. I’m who I am right here and right now and yeah I’m not thin but I’m doing pretty damn great. Because a selfie is about more than just weight and a size – it’s style, sparkle, attitude and outlook. It’s those things that make a person someone we let into our hearts and love and look up to.

As I highlighted in my previous post, a selfie is you putting yourself out to the world, proclaiming “Here I am, I’m at my best and I’m feeling fierce today” but also, you’re bragging to yourself too. It’s as much for you as it is for them.
And on days your I’m feeling so hot, or sad, frumpy, or down, I’m not ashamed to admit

that I take comfort in scrolling through my past pictures, as a reminder of who I am and who else I can be. That this feeling or mood will pass. It works.

I’m so looking forward to being old, and looking back at my selfies and thinking “hell yeah, look at me!” I’m not going to be noticing my dress size or weight. I’m going to be swooning at my sparkle and spirit.

So I say it again – keep your selfies and beautiful faces flowing into my news feed.

You will thank yourself for it.


P.S. Its just occurred to me that this is the first post in which I’ve posted an image of myself – how ironic, given that all I’ve been doing is talking about how many selfies I take and post on social media, that it’s taken me 47 posts to get here! xox

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