DAY 43: TAROT – WEEK 03.07…

DAY 43: TAROT – WEEK 03.07…

A three card reading for the week ahead:


You have, or will receive, good news. Fulfilment, accomplishment and completion of a goal or ambition. Conclusions. If this related to a troublesome situation, it indicates that the outcome will be positive and answers are on the way. 


Harmony in change. Important decisions need to be made in order to overcome or resolve a situation or obstacles. It also indicated, fun, opportunity, travel and an increase in your social life, which bring about their own decisions and choices. You have no shortage of options right now, but take cards in which you choose and remain true to yourself and your beliefs. If you do this, the outcome will positive. 


A Gemini card (my own star sign). Like the Gemini twins this card represents the union and combination of opposites, of two people, to create a harmonious balance. One fills the gaps and shortcomings of the other. Clear communication and greater consciousness is required. 


The only card that really makes any clear sense this week is the Pentacles as I know that a period of travel, exploration and opportunity for growth is impending. That one is clear. 

The other two aren’t. I’m not waiting on any news, and I’m not in any form of romantic entanglement or partnership. Although the wands might relate to a large project at work that is reaching a milestone this week. 

As for the Lovers, well that’s Gemini, my own sign, so perhaps, I feel, represents the two distinct personalities that lie within me. My relationship with myself. A period of fulfilment and inner peace, if we’re relating back to the other two cards. 

The other funny thing about the two ambiguous cards, is that they both ‘jumped’ out at me whilst I was shuffling. There’s a superstition in tarot, that if, whilst you’re shuffling the deck, focussing on your query, a card slips out or falls, it’s trying to tell you something, and charged with energy, so should be included in the reading. And both of these did just that. So they do mean something important, and I’m wondering if it’s all tied into this journey and self-discovery. 

They are very positive cards, for which I am very thankful.

Who knows, perhaps in a week, all will have become clear?!

Or… maybe I am about to be whimsically, amazingly, swoonily, passionately, swept off my feet?!!?


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