DAY 37: TAROT – WEEK 26.06…

DAY 37: TAROT – WEEK 26.06…



Valor. You are determined to succeed in your goals and endeavours. Progress and success is as a result of your own determination and conviction as a result of a process having been followed and personal understanding achieved. Stick with it and state true to these foundations and achievements to date.


Disintegration. This card represents the break up and ending of a relationship. Although you have experienced pain, separation and loss you’re starting to truly realise that it was for the best. Clarity of mind and perspective is being achieved and this new found point of view must be kept in mind. The outcome is best for everyone, their well being and lives. Once peace and full acceptance has a been found, a new, and more positive situation will arise and make itself known. 


Relating. This card signifies a commitment, relationship or great friendship. You are ready to enrich and make your life better through bringing together cooperation and harmony in your environment. You will be able to make all elements work harmoniously. Emotional support will be available, in abundance, as and when required. 


Unlike the last couple of weeks which have been very positive readings, but the meanings and situations unknown and ambiguous to me – this week is very clear cut and on the nose. 

I know exactly what III Swords is referring to, it’s something that’s been on my mind and I’ve been fighting against this past few days as fresh, sometimes painful, emotions and frustrations brew. It very obviously reflects my feelings – new found anger, clarity, and yeah, perspective. This rawness and these things that are bothering me – they’ve been hard, and upsetting, but this card reassures me that it’s an important step in the healing process and I just have to move and grow through it. 

The Empress is friendship with strong women. I’ve been so incredibly blessed to have been surrounded by many independent, smart, beautiful, empowering women this week, who I’m so utterly grateful for. They are inspiring and nurturing me in ways I could never have imagined. I feel so lucky and supported, and know this card represents them.

And VII Wands – I’m busy, and feel like I have a lot on the go right now. A lot of projects, ideas and dreams growing. But I’m on the right track. I just need to stick with my goals, and stay true to myself and my journey so far. Be bold, be stubborn, be heard.

These cards are such a scarily true representation of how I’m feeling as I enter this week. An example of rather than ‘fortune telling’ the cards serve to solidify and bring clarity to exisiting emotions, situation and thoughts that have been lurking in my head and my heart but I couldn’t vocalise until I saw them.  Yeah!


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