It started out as a little empowering sentiment from girl-to-girl. A simple outfit post. Or a link to ASOS with the innocent, enthusiastic and well-meaning three words:
Around 2 years ago, it was cute. I did it myself. I found this amazing new style of skirt and I posted and #OOTD on Instagram and bragged “IT HAS POCKETS!”
But now, everywhere I look, it’s become a trend. 
And every woman replies multiple times “OMG IT HAS POCKETS!!!” 
And I get it. No man will ever know the fucking struggle of being a woman in a world of non-existent or ‘aesthetic only’ fake pockets. They don’t know they agony of having to carry a bag all night because your stupid jeans won’t fit a minimal cell phone, lipstick and eftpos card. The struggle is real But…
It’s utter bullshit. 
As this conversation has grown and I see more and more newsfeeds being consumed with this topic, i cant help but asks myself:
Nope. No. No. They a re not. 
What are they doing instead is running businesses, heading up meetings, writing policy, confirming budgets, looking important in their stupid little offices, chuckling merrily with women who are most definitely not their wives, retweeting Julian-Fucking-Assange, earning 30% more, and mansplaining company procedure to a woman who has been in the firm two years longer than him.
What I’m saying is that these men are not spending their precious time and energy talking about stupid little fabric squares, stitched onto our garments.
I love pockets. Pockets should be for all. But every time I see this conservation between a group of women I just get so bloody angry and think “MEN ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT THIS”.
And already, we’re losing. Again. 
We have enough extra shit to talk about; wage gaps, periods, motherhood, pregnancy, reproductive rights, glass ceilings, Beyoncé, and the-eternal-stuggle-of-strident-feminism. Important, big, stuff. 
So please, women, just start designing clothing with pockets so that it becomes the norm.
I don’t wanna have this discussion anymore, because men sure as hell aren’t.
We have bigger fish to fry right now.

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