DAY 30: TAROT – WEEK 19.06…

DAY 30: TAROT – WEEK 19.06…



Sunshine! Blue sky! Sunflowers! A happy, chubby, lil baby riding on the back of a beautiful, strong, white horse! Rejoice, for it’s the Sun card!

This is one of the coolest cards you can get! It represents a time of happiness, contentment, personal fulfilment and there will be excitement and enthusiasm in the air, for a certain situation or project. Opportunities and fresh beginnings are on the horizon. Whatever gifts the universe may present to you, accept and enjoy them. Winter has passed, and it’s now a time to bask in the radiant, warm, lovely Sun.


Another very lovely, positive, and welcome card, which represents chance and opportunity. Beautiful events that are beyond your powers, and are bigger than you. An unforeseen, surprising, and unexpected course of events that can’t be predicted, or controlled, but whatever it is, it’s going to be in your favour and the outcome desires. If the gift given is so out of the blue and out of place with the rest of your life that you can’t understand or comprehend it, it should still be embraced and accepted with enthusiasm, for everything else will fit around it, and things will find their natural flow. It is a gift of the spirit, beyond you, meant to be, and change is inevitable.


A man of honour in your life. His advice and friendship is to be trusted and followed. He might be a respected teacher, valuable ally, or a beloved friend. This could relate to career or finances. If it does not relate to a specific person, it will relate to an opportunity or good news that will help further your goals and aspirations.


Last weeks cards were quite sombre and isolated ones. They included the Hermit, and they were telling me to retreat, withdraw and take stock of the world, my current situation and feelings. Which was bang-on, so I respected and followed this advice, and had a very anti-social, reclusive, and introspective week, in which I rested, and nurtured, my mind and soul. I feel better for this. Restored.

So it’s really very, heart-warming, reassuring and inspiring to have such a positive spread today, filled with such light, energy and forward momentum. They feel much more ‘me’ and represent the optimism that I generally like to apply to life.

These are cards that egg me on and push to be fearless and bold. I don’t have any idea what activities, opportunity, or circumstances these cards relate to, but they are incredibly exciting and reassure me that my time of reflection and soul-searching has paid off.

I should be confident in my actions and pursuit of what I want. Whatever I decide to go after this week, I’m should go for with fresh enthusiasm and heightened confidence, because good things are on their way, and on that basis I don’t really feel that I can go wrong. Even if I’m pursuing something that doesn’t end up relating to these cards, my intuition tells me that it doesn’t matter, because good energy generates good energy. My inner judgement has set me on a good path to date, and I will continue to follow this.

I must say YES to opportunity, no matter how big or small, for it might lead me on a bigger path and journey that is currently beyond my own knowledge or visible horizon.

The time for reflection is at an end. Now is the time to get out there and open myself up to possibility and opportunity.

The world awaits! Good things beckon! Pursue your goals!

How very exciting!


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