DAY 22: TAROT – WEEK 12.06…

DAY 22: TAROT – WEEK 12.06…

A three card reading for the week ahead: 

The Hermit represents a period of inner reflection and solitude. A time to retreat from the world, and examine yourself, the circumstances and things that are on the mind in order to find your own definition of truth, clarity or closure.

The Hermit can represent a journey – a spiritual one, or physical travel. Either way, it will be welcome and it’s the right time to embark on this. 


What you put out in life comes back to you, and Justice represents reaping what you sow. You get what you deserve, be it good or bad, and that must be accepted. This card strongly relates to relationships and how you have treated others up until this point. 


An older man, in the immediate past, or in the immediate future, who will be of assistance. When that guidance or help is offered, feel confident and safe in accepting it for it will be of use. It comes from an honourable place, so listen carefully. 

If there is no person of this nature, the card represents justice and the correct use of feelings, inner judgement and sense of fair play. 


This spread eerily reflects how I’m feeling and my current state of mind. The Hermit couldn’t be more spot on. Personal emotion and a situation from my not-so-distant past have bubbled up in the last 48 hours and have caused me to retreat, curl-up and reflect. I’m feeling a bit tender from it all. The Hermit is a reassurance that this is how I should be feeling and, actually, it’s okay. Just take some time, reflect, and you’ll get back on track and move forward.

The journey aspect? I’m on the spiritual one already, but a physical one beckons. It’s very welcome and is going to help a lot with this process, and be a really important time for me in terms of personal growth and reflection. It’s not quite here yet, but it’s coming, it’s going to be really good timing – so be patient and hold your nerve…

In relation to this above situation, I know, and Justice confirms, that I’ve acted in a way that’s based on my own philosophy of that you get back what you put out to the world, and to always treat others as you want to be treated. This is really reassuring as it tells me I’ve been correct in my actions and these will set me up well for the future. I might not know or control what that future brings, and things might be hard now, but I’ve been loyal and true to myself and this is always the right path to take. 

The King of Cups? I don’t know. It might be a person, but it could relate more to the Justice that’s card two. If there is a figure of use in my life, he lies in my future.  But I have no idea. And it’s okay not to always know what everything means in the tarot, you can’t, and you shouldn’t force it. To force the matter means you’ll probably mis-guide yourself. Don’t stress about the uncertainty – either you know or you don’t. You have to feel it inside you. Instead, you just tuck that card in the back of your mind and if, or when, the situation arises, you will know, and that interpretation will help you with your actions. In this case, it’s ‘trust’. 

This is a very honest, very relevant and raw reading for me. 

It’s a huge comfort and offers some peace of mind. 

Thank you, Tarot. 


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