DAY 16: TAROT – WEEK 05.06…

DAY 16: TAROT – WEEK 05.06…

A three card reading for the week ahead: 


You should stand up for, and rely on, your own instincts and authority in regards to the situation at hand. All activities should be motivated on your own genuine reasons and desire to take action. If this requires being a bit pushier and bolder than you’d usually like, well it’s justified and probably what’s required to get the outcome you need. You possess extra energy for achieving such goals, but watch the urge to control things too much, and be sure that your motivation is coming from the right place. 


There will be a revelation and a success! You’re on your own path to spiritual and personal development and enlightenment. You have the knowledge and energy needed to achieve the success that’s sought. This card is a lovely indicator of personal success, inner strength, intuition serving you well, and spiritual guidance. 


Self doubt lurks within and, if not careful, could take over and destruct your goals. Be sure that all actions come from the right place within and carry honest intentions. This could also mean betrayal or mistrust from people who are closely associated with the situation in question. 


I don’t have a specific situation in mind here. But it’s a very helpful situation to be aware of, and keep in the back of my mind for when it crops up. A lil bit of caution needs to be taken in order to achieve a great result! 

I think these cards are telling me, very clearly, to trust my gut instincts when it comes to my pursuits and actions. I’ve been feeling very in touch with, and working on my intuition and spiritual side recently and, as ever, it seems that this instinct won’t steer me wrong. 

This period of personal investment and reflection has equipped me with the energy, mind set and under knowledge that I need to be successful at whatever it is that I decide to pursue…but I need to be careful and sure that I’m actually using these towards the right things…and not just being a fickle and compulsive Gemini!

Becasue once I’m sure of what it is I want, and I decide to pursue it, I am poised for success, just as long as I don’t let self-doubt sabotage me. Nor can I be swayed by anyone around me who I sense cannot be completely trusted, as they’re not going to have my best interests in mind and could steer me away from victory. 

Pursue what I really want! Don’t doubt yourself! Follow your gut!


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