Day 8: Tarot – Week 29.05…

Day 8: Tarot – Week 29.05…

A three card reading for the week ahead: 


If you were paying attention last week, you’ll have noticed that I pulled Judgement out of the pack back then, too. Which is a really very powerful, significant sign indeed. This might sound like airy fairy bullshit, but you just let your gut instincts pick your cards. You can kinda just FEEL when to stop. So to have that instinct attract the same card two weeks in a row, is nothing to be sniffed at. 

Judgement means final decisions, conclusions and beginnings. The period of preperation and reflection has taken place, I now understand my position and place, and it is time to move onto a new chapter.

Which is awesome because I’ve had a particular situation at work that has been brewing the last few weeks, steadily culminating and peaked last Friday. I know that it will come to its conclusion by the end of this week. This card appearing twice in a row confirms that it is more than likely about this situation and its continuation makes perfect sense, as it’s very much at the forefront of my mind. 


Authority and action. That could mean-personally, from within, or from an actual person in my life – like a boss or father figure.  I take a bit of both from this – because my future lies in my hands  – I have taken action and put forward my very best efforts in regards to the situation. That is my own authority and action. However in the specific situation I’m thinking of, as mentioned above, the final outcome and decision that I expect this week lies in the hands of my boss – a male. So it’s a 30/70 split between the spiritual and the literal. 


Whilst not a major interpretation of this card, to me right now, the Empress represents me. I’m conquering this situation. Strong, confident, supported. This card also actually relates very closely to business endeavours and that the final outcome will be for the best.


You know that some kind of momentous and symbolic week lies ahead when you draw not only three Major Arcadia cards, but both the Emperor and Empress, as well as a repeat player from the week before. And I have I? Well… yeah! I’ll be hearing the outcome on the work situation. I’ve another big meeting regarding involvement in a community project, that’s very dear to my heart. And, well, it’s my birthday on Sunday! 

I don’t take this reading  as an omen for a good outcome in the work thing, as I don’t like to use tarot that way. For me it’s not a fortune teller, more of a guide and to help steer my intuition. So these cards tell me that whatever happens, whatever lies ahead for me this week,  I’ll be at peace and find closure in the outcome. 

Over the last month my cards have all been telling me that new chapters are here, opportunities will open up, and I must chase these fresh beginnings.

And, really, what bigger new beginning is there than a new year? A chance to reflect, celebrate, then leap forward into the unknown!


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