Day 1: Tarot – Week 22.05…

Day 1: Tarot – Week 22.05…

A Three Card Reading for the Week Ahead: 


Shit, I can’t die, I’ve still got 99 Days to go! 

Yeah, not even slightly. Fearing the Death card is a rookie mistake that we all fall into in our early days of reading the cards. See, in tarot, death is more like the Phoenix – all endings bring with it a bright new beginning. A new job, people, opportunity, or gosh, could it mean…embarking on a totally exciting, life enriching, creative project for 100 days?! 


Look at this utter Queen hanging around in her flowing Art Teacher-esque robe, cooing at exotic birds, in that beautiful sunny garden, surrounded by so much bling. She’s worked bloody hard, and been through the ringer, to get to where she is, and achieve these beautiful, lush, surroundings. She’s Beyoncé at her Push Party. She’s Camilla Parker-Bowles on her second wedding day. Could it also be me? This card embodies the sentiment that you reap what you sow, and after lots of hard graft, laying foundations, and perseverance, the rewards are coming. 


Reflections have been made, conclusions reached, you’ve spent many nights at home, watching Pride and Prejudice and Drag Race on Netflix, looking deep deep inside your soul and now, you’re done with all that. What next? You’ve guessed it – new phases are about to begin. Set goals, reach high – don’t delay, make haste, seize the moment Golden Lady in your garden! Quit dwelling, don’t be shy, and in the words of the ever relevant S-Club 7, reach for the stars! 


Well it seems a new era is afoot for your beloved heroine. Which feels a little uncanny, doesn’t it? But remember, you rule the cards, the cards do not rule you. No matter what they say, it’s down to you to make that change happen.

Begin! Go forth! Conquer! 


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