The 100 Days Project…

You may recall that in my last (aka. First and Only) post I was triumphantly spouting how I hereby free myself from the shackles of self-imposed goals and pressure. That this will be a place of freedom, wholly void of guilt and goals!

Yeah so about all of that.
I just signed up for the 100 Days Project.


Brittany Murphy Doesn't Give a Fuck

The 100 Days Project is beautifully simple and self-explanatory; Participants set themselves a creative task that they must complete for 100 consecutive days from May 22 through to 29 August.

What particularly enamoured me to the project was the social connectivity of it, feeling that you are part of a greater community. Yes, it’s your personal project, but being able to follow and engage with others who are participating is very appealing. It’s also the brainchild of a fabulous young New Zealander, Emma Rogan. It’s so nice to feel at the nucleus of something great, as so often in NZ, we can feel quite detached.

What’s my 100 Days challenge?
It’s to write!
250 words a day, about anything I like, which I will post to this site.

For all my talk of no goals and being free with this blog…well, as you can see, within a month I only posted once. That was not the point of starting this. The point was to form regular writing habits, therefore a compulsory target that I’m answerable to might just help me in this regard. What is produced along the way, isn’t really the focus. But I’ll try to make it varied and contain at least a glimmer of sparkle.

I’m not totally new to the concept. On my previous blog, the Queen Stitch, a few years back, I embarked on a 365 day challenge. I set myself the goal to photograph a stranger each day. I made it through around 300 days, which isn’t too shabby for a first attempt. I’ve long since quit beating myself up about that one.

I’m feeling excited, but also nervous and a little daunted. But I know these feelings are in a positive,”I’m going to grow and be a better person for this” kind of way.

100 days is going to take me through some interesting, cool and altering things – a birthday, travel, possible changes and new challenges at work, as well as continuing to heal from emotional fall-out from earlier this year. Like any fresh era stretching ahead of us, like a new year, or decade of age, I’m filled with a buzz to imagine who I might be, and what  things might have happened when that period comes to an end.

I’ll be posting my daily words to this blog, so if you follow me (please follow me!), then you’ll automatically get updates.

If you too are participating in the challenge (hooray, how wonderful!) you can follow me over at my project page.  Also, please let me know if you are, and comment with your profile link, as I’d love to follow you back – I think being there to mutually support each other is incredibly important on this journey.

The challenge starts tomorrow. And by all means, please keep me accountable. A gentle nudge if I’ve missed a post, or just a “Oi, you, what the fuck happened to Thursday?”.

Keep checking into the 100 Days Challenge site throughout, as there are around 1,000 other fabulous people all doing their own very unique challenge. Give them some love. Share. Like. Credit.

So here we go.
Am I ready? Not in the slightest.
But then, when are we ever?

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